Entrepreneurship should be rewarded, but when it comes to mortgages, it hasn’t always paid to be self-employed.   Many banks today prefer salary, but if you are self-employed, you can still apply for mortgage.

In order to apply for a self employed mortgage, it is important to provide proper income verification and relevant business documentation.  You will be required to provide copies of your Notice of Assessment or business financial statements for the two year period preceding the date of purchase and latest notice of assessment from Canada Revenue Agency.  If you don’t provide sufficient documentation it could put the borrower into the “non-conforming” category that requires a much larger down payment and could potentially result in a higher mortgage rate.  More than ever, advice and guidance from a qualified mortgage professional is vital.

Just like you we are self employed and we understand your situation.  We have also assisted many self employed Canadians obtain a mortgage with best mortgage rates and we work on your behalf to find a mortgage that’s right for you.  We work independently for our clients and have access to the best lenders who understand and specialize in self-employed mortgages and these mortgages offer favourable terms suitable to your situation.  At

Real Mortgage Associates Inc. we have the knowledge and experience to get you started in successfully obtaining a self employed mortgage and have access to a range of innovative mortgage options for self-employed Canadians.

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